A perfect day in the countryside


The Prosecco hills today were just gorgeous… Sunny, warm and with the magic colors only Autumn can offer.

This is were the famous prosecco wine is produced, just one hour from Venice.


For me, the best way to enjoy a day in the countryside is taking a long walk around the hills, but before…having a amazing lunch in a trattoria!


Al Castelletto is an institution in the area for its good food and gorgeous atmosphere . Clemi, the owner, is running this place since forever and you never get disappointed if you chose the typical dishes she suggests you.

The starters are so good and so many that will be difficult ordering something else, but is worthy…
I personally love authentic and simple food like polenta with burrata cheese and soppressa, a typical salami of the area, but also meatballs, roast beef , fried zucchini…

Most of the meat courses are cooked on the big fireplace, where the spit is always on…


After such a good lunch you could think the best thing to do is lying on your couch, but at the end you realize that a walk in the gourgeous countryside just minutes from there is an experience you cannot miss.

Have a look at these pictures… I felt so happy to be there that I will keep these positives vibes for at least all week!




old country house20131208-200224.jpg

sunset in the vineyrds



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